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To request software registration keys, please provide the following information.

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To register a custom EDP format file (e.g., EPA Region 5, EPA Region 2, etc.), please visit the registration page for that format:
  1. Click the Register button on the EDP Evaluation Screen
  2. Select the link below the New Key Codes box to request a registration key for your workstation

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Comment:Please indicate if you are registering a new license, re-registering an existing license, moving a license from an old machine to a new machine, changing from a local installation to a network installation, etc.

Application License Type Date
Maintenance provides access to software updates and EarthSoft Help Desk Extend Maintenance


EQuIS 6 Libraries
EQuIS 6 Libraries License Type Number
(if applicable)

EDGE, Live, Collect, etc.
EDGE, Live, Collect, etc. License Type Number
(if applicable)

EI, Alive, Risk3T, Lakewatch
EI, Alive, Risk3T, Lakewatch License Type Number
(if applicable)

EDGE Custom Formats, and Sample Planning Modules
EDGE Custom Formats, and Sample Planning Modules License Type Number
(if applicable)

Formats(s) - Typically Require Client Approval
Formats(s) - Typically Require Client Approval License Type Number
(if applicable)

Format Export(s)
Format Export(s) License Type Number
(if applicable)

EQuIS 5 Application(s)
EQuIS 5 Application(s) License Type Number
(if applicable)

EQuIS 5 Interface(s)
EQuIS 5 Interface(s) License Type Number
(if applicable)


Please note that you will receive a confirmation email automatically after submitting this form. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes of submitting your request, EarthSoft has probably not received your request. In the event that you encounter an error when attempting to submit a request, or you have not received your confirmation email, please feel free to submit again, or contact the EarthSoft Help Desk ( for assistance. Thank you!