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To register a custom EDP format file (e.g., EPA Region 5, EPA Region 2, etc.), please visit the registration page for that format:
  1. Click the Register button on the EDP Evaluation Screen
  2. Select the link below the New Key Codes box to request a registration key for your workstation

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Comment:Please indicate if you are registering a new license, re-registering an existing license, moving a license from an old machine to a new machine, changing from a local installation to a network installation, etc.

Application License Type Date
Maintenance provides access to software updates and EarthSoft Help Desk Extend Maintenance


EQuIS 6 Libraries
EQuIS 6 Libraries License Type Number
(if applicable)

EQuIS 5 Application(s)
EQuIS 5 Application(s) License Type Number
(if applicable)

EQuIS 5 Interface(s)
EQuIS 5 Interface(s) License Type Number
(if applicable)

EDGE(s), and Sample Planning Modules
EDGE(s), and Sample Planning Modules License Type Number
(if applicable)

Formats(s) - Typically Require Client Approval
Formats(s) - Typically Require Client Approval License Type Number
(if applicable)

Format Export(s)
Format Export(s) License Type Number
(if applicable)

EQuIS 3 License Type Number
(if applicable)


Please note that you will receive a confirmation email automatically after submitting this form. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes of submitting your request, EarthSoft has probably not received your request. In the event that you encounter an error when attempting to submit a request, or you have not received your confirmation email, please feel free to submit again, or contact the EarthSoft Help Desk ( for assistance. Thank you!